The Second Coming of Java

I read an article entitled The Second Coming of Java: A Relic Returns to Rule Web today and found myself annoyed for a number of reasons.

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27 Sep 2013 - tags: wired jvm java ruby scala twitter

Old Skool

I was lucky enough to grow up as personal computers were entering our homes, I owned a BBC Model B when I was too young to really use it except for games, however Elite is still, to this day, the best game I have ever played.

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22 Aug 2013 - tags: bulletin board system sysop internet

Avoiding Spam Filters

So, I let Alert Ferret out into the wild recently and found that email from it was being caught in spam traps of both Google Mail and Hotmail.

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05 Aug 2013 - tags: email spam filter spf ipv6 reply-to

Who's Gonna Drive You Home?

I go out a lot, so do my friends. Living in London that regularly means that someone takes a cab, or nightbus to get back home, in a city that is huge.

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03 Aug 2013 - tags: travel dating safety

Google Plus Redirecting Event Invites

Social networks, what a great tool for connecting people, allowing people to find each other after years of absence and organise to reunite at some point, perhaps at a picnic, in a park, in the summer…unless of course you have angered or simply confused the google plus gods by deleting your profile…

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23 Jul 2013 - tags: google plus email fail